Dog Boarding Services

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What to bring

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Please call Lodging by Bow Wow to schedule check in and check out times for your dog! We can’t wait to see their happy faces and wagging tails!

Dog Boarding Farmington
  • All medications with dosage instructions

  • Food and snacks with instructions

  • Blankets or toys to make their stay more enjoyable

  • Fill out the form below with medical history and updated vaccinations

New Pet Questionnaire

Required Vaccinations

Boarding Pricing


$40 per night

You can rest assured they are having as much fun - if not more - fun than you are. With Lodging by Bow Wow Salon's brand new facilities your pet will receive the best care. We provide a safe, fun environment for group play or one-on-one time with a staff member, all dogs have their own room for privacy, comfort and a little "personal time.”

What's included?

  • Playtime twice daily

  • Daily exercise

  • Spacious play area

  • A great time

Lodging by Bow Wow

Bow Wow Salon | 230 West Main Street, Victor, NY, United States | Grooming (585) 738-6166 | Boarding (585) 687-8796


  • Rabies (New York State Law)

  • Bordetella (“kennel cough” vaccination)

  • Monthly Flea Preventative