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Dog Grooming Services

Putting Your Pet First

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age, or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. 

For dogs who need a bath & haircut.

service includes:

Bath with shampoo & blow-dry

15-minute brushing

Haircut & light dematting

Nail trim

Ear cleaning & hair removal

Scissoring feet & pad shaving

Sanitary trim

Serving Victor, Farmington, And Mendon NY.

Dog Wash

Bath and Brush

Responsible & Reliable

My Bath and Brush service allows you to make sure your pet is well taken care of, even when you’re not around. I offer this for all sizes and breeds. Reserve my time and relax knowing your pet is in the best possible hands.

For dogs who just need a bath to maintain a healthy-looking coat, clean ears & trimmed nails.

service includes:

Bath with shampoo & blow dry

15-minute brushing

Nail trim

Ear cleaning & hair removal

Scissoring feet & pad shaving

Sanitary trim

dog nail trim services

Nail Trimming

The Best for Your Pet

Nail Trimming includes cut and filed down nails for your dogs comfort.

dog teeth cleaning

Professional Dog Teeth Cleaning

Freshen up your dogs breath

A dental cleaning visit will include a thorough teeth cleaning, and polishing to remove the tartar and periodontal disease-causing plaque.

DIY Dog Wash

DIY Dog Wash


Don't want to dirty up your house washing your dog from home? Wash and dry your dog yourself at our salon, clean-up free!

Includes use of professional grooming bathtub, high-grade shampoo, towels, and blow dryer. 

We offer all our dog grooming services in Victor, Farmington, and Mendon NY.


Price List

Our Offers

$50 and up

Full Service Grooming

$38 and up

Bath and Brush

$15 and up

Nail Trimming


Teeth Cleaning

$15 per dog

DIY Dog Wash

Please reach out with any questions about the prices presented here.


Boarding by Bow Wow

Dog Boarding Services

About Us

You can rest assured they are having as much fun - if not more - fun than you are. With Lodging by Bow Wow Salon's brand new facilities your pet will receive the best care. We provide a safe, fun environment for group play or one-on-one time with a staff member, all dogs have their own room for privacy, comfort, and a little "personal time.” We offer dog boarding in Farmington NY, Victor, and Mendon, NY.

What's included?

Playtime twice daily
Daily exercise
Spacious play area
A great time

What to Bring

All medications with dosage instructions

Food and snacks with instructions

Blankets or toys to make their stay more enjoyable

Required Vaccinations

Bordetella (kennel cough vaccination)
Monthly Flea Preventative

$40 per night

dog boarding mendon

Gus was a rescue we adopted about three weeks ago. The salon could have not been more knowledgeable and reliable with our 3 year old golden doodle. Gus is looking better than ever and they pampered him every step of the way!. Thank you for us all having a Business like this locally.

Gary Harvey

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